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Top Dolly Geo Mod  Purple
Top Dolly Geo Mod  Purple
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Top with print in cheerful colors

Good ladies T-shirts are a must for every woman. Of almost all the colorful prints that the dresses have, there are also nice T-shirts. A top with print is wonderful to combine with a matching Tante Betsy skirt with exactly the same print as your shirt, or the same print but in a different color. But even if you wear simple jeans, your outfit will shine with an Aunt Betsy top. And if it's too cool for bare arms, the tops can also be wonderfully combined with a cardigan or sporty cardigan. You can mix and match all colors.


Vintage top

Do you like the 60s style with all its cheerful retro prints or romantic vintage tops? Then you can indulge yourself here. Choose one of the button shirts with polka dots or a retro floral print. Nice tie ribbons give your vintage top a romantic effect which is super feminine. All shirts are so different, you'll want them all!   


Colorful ladies T-shirts with print and beautiful neckline 

In addition to all the different colors and prints, the Aunt Betsy tops have many types of necklines. This way you can choose the neckline that you feel comfortable in and that suits your figure well. 

Some necklines do something extra for your figure. With a T-shirt with a round neckline, for example, you show all round shapes even more strongly. Recommended if you have a fairly straight figure. A drawstring makes it romantic and playful. A wide round neckline looks great on narrow shoulders, while a smaller round neckline provides more balance on broad shoulders. 

A V-neck makes your neck appear longer and your face slimmer. With pleats in the décolleté you draw extra attention to the curves of your bust. Enough options to choose your ideal shirt.