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Tante Betsy skirts and bottoms

A-line skirts with colorful and cheerful prints

The Spring Summer 2020 collection again contains a lot of nice skirts with the happiest designs. Tante Betsy's A-line skirts give your figure a nice waist and they have a playful effect because of the flare. In addition to the beautiful designs, the skirts are also super nice. The fabric is comfortable and there is no zipper, so that is completely comfy, you can step in it in no time. The length of the skirts varies a bit by design from knee-length to over-the-knee skirt.


But even if it's too cold for bare legs, you can wear these cute skirts with leggings or tights. You can also shop the leggings here in a matching color or a nice contrasting color. Always handy to have such leggings, they also fit well under your dresses.

Floral skirt or retro skirt, which one will be yours?

What is your style? Do you like flowy A-line skirts, and then also with a sweet little flower print? Or do you combine your preference for flowers in a retro skirt with a floral print? In the retro category, you can also indulge in prints with cherries or apples. The retro skirt with front pockets with large buttons completes this style.


You can also find many matching Aunt Betsy items with your skirt. Nice colored leggings, of course, but also shirts or blouses. Each collection has matching skirts and tops. These have the same print in the same color. Or opt for a top with print or without print in a different color for variation.


Finally, you of course complete your outfit with a good pair of shoes. Summer sandals, cool cowboy boots, sporty sneakers, nice casual or chic? If you wear a skirt you can completely style your outfit to the occasion and what you feel like.