Stop Micro Waste!

guppybag pack

Currently, "Microplastics" are receiving plenty of attention.

These are very small particles, derived from synthetic products and hugely environmentally polluting. Per wash of 5 kilograms of synthetic clothing, an average of 9,000,000 synthetic clothing fibers enter wastewater.

During washing, these fibers are released and, via the washing machine, eventually end up in the sea.

In addition to Tante Betsy avoiding these fibers as much as possible, there is a solution.

guppybag los

The Guppyfriend washbag.

The Guppyfriend is made of a very strong and recyclable type of polyamide that does not release fibers itself. The material is durable and long-lasting.

The Guppyfriend is quite large, 74 x 50 cm. So it fits super much in it. Really a small effort and besides being good for the environment, your clothes wear out less quickly. So your clothes last longer.

After using it, take your laundry out. And if you take out the small fibers after a few washes, you can just throw them away with the garbage.


The Gupptfriend bag costs €29.95. Fat is a fair price, especially considering the amount of development costs involved. Much of the proceeds are used to create more plastic awareness through education, workshops and sponsorship of the necessary research on microplastics in the sea, among other things.




• Fill the laundry bag 2/3 full.
• Wash at up to 40 degrees.
• Do not put the Guppyfriend in the dryer.
• Do not rinse with running water.
• Sharp objects such as zippers can damage the bag.
• Do not iron the laundry bag or let it dry in the sun.
• Use liquid detergents only.
• Remove coarse dirt and animal hair before washing.