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About us


Tante Betsy loves colours and pattern, mix and match, from folklore to retro, from loving to headstrong, feminine and naturally out of pleasure. All this is available in sizes X (size 36) to XXL (Size 50).


Designer Alisa Sprikkelman first started the brand in 2006. All of her ideas come together in her garments.

Tante Betsy's clothes exude cheerfulness; her motto is 'Happiness in a Dress'.


Tante Betsy has several collections a year, not just one summer, autumn and winter collection, but also an "in between collections", followed in quick succession. If a dress is sold out, the chance is small that exactly the same dress returns. Sometimes a similar dress comes back, but then with a slightly different pattern or lace. The following applies tot he collection of Betsy: 'gone is gone'. The clothes of Tante Betsy fall slightly larger than regular sizes. If you are in doubt, then you'd better choose a size smaller than the one you normally wear.


Each Tante Betsy product is carefully designed and Tante Betsy uses only high quality materials. The dresses of Tante Betsy are produced in various studios in Asia and Europe, without child labour or unfair or unsafe working conditions for the employees who work in these studios. We attach great importance to the processing.